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October 4, 2000

Andrea Evans and Lindsay Korman recently chatted with fans. Read our transcript to find out how they get along off-set, how Lindsay feels about working with the hot guys on Passions, and how Andrea splurges on her diet!

NBCPassions: Please welcome Andrea and Lindsay!

Lindsay: We'd like to thank you all for signing on and giving us your time, we can't wait to hear from you! Ask away!
Andrea: That goes for both of us!

MamaMia: Did you feel intimidated when you first started by all the famous actors/actresses?
Lindsay: Actually, I didn't feel intimidated because most of the cast was just starting out. Everyone was new and extremely nervous. I know I was! I wanted to make sure my lines were memorized and do a great job, so I was filled with nerves and anxiety, as opposed to being intimidated. Everyone was and still is AWESOME.

AbErCrOmBiEgUy: Andrea, I saw some of your previous work in "Bold and the Beautiful," (you did a very good job at portraying "Tawny Moore") but how does working on the "Passions" set differ from working on the set of the "Bold and the Beautiful?"
Andrea: Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed B&B. I really enjoyed Tawny, but I enjoy "Passions" very much. This is a new show and it has a certain energy about it, everyone pulling together to make it a success. And I really enjoy that feeling.

MissQ: Who has influenced your life the most?
Andrea: My mother. My mother is my best friend and role model. She is a concert pianist and works full time and I adore her!
Lindsay: I'm also going to say my mother. She has been my best friend every since I can remember. She is very open and I can talk to her, and she always comes from a really good place. She tries to express the importance of me being happy as a person. I really admire that, and think that is a very important quality.

QueenIvy: Lindsay, one thing I've just wondered, is Travis a good kisser? And Andrea, If you could play any other person on "Passions," who would it be and why? And one more question for whoever can answer if for me - Is Alistair ever going to show his face or is he going to be like Wilson on "Home Improvement?" Thanks- Ashley
Lindsay: Theresa thinks that Ethan is an incredible kisser. She is in love with him, and anything he does is wonderful and perfect and exactly what he wants.
Andrea: We have no idea if Alistair will every show his face, but we both think it's very cool that this way. It's kind of like Wilson on "Home Improvement" and "Charlie's Angels". And I?d like to play Theresa because she is so cute and sweet.
Lindsay: We'd like to reverse roles one day.

SweetJenna2: Who are you each closest to on the set?
Andrea: Arleen, my hairdresser. She is so cute and sweet and I just adore her.
Lindsay: Since I have been blessed to be here since the beginning, I've developed close relationships with Brook, Travis, Donn, and Eva. And Sharon, who writes Theresa's diary. It's really hard to list everyone-- we just enjoy ourselves so much.

Passionsfan67: Andrea is it fun playing such a bitchy character?
Andrea: Yeah! It's great fun! I get to get all my bitchiness and aggressiveness out on set so I can be sweet as pie when I go home.

Passionate: Hi Lindsay, I'm from Canada and love your character. I was wondering what are your thoughts on "teen idols?" By the way, you are mine!
Lindsay: Thank you very, very much. I really appreciate that. I think it is very important having teen idols, especially in those teen years when you are searching for yourself, faced with problems and you find difficulty in talking to your parents or other adults. You can look to your peers or even a character on a show that inspires you.

LostLittleGirl: How good is your relationship between the both of you on and off set?
Andrea: Our relationship is great off the set. I think Lindsay is a real sweetheart, she is great to work with and I enjoy it. Our relationship on the show is not so good, obviously. But while we are working it is Great! She is very sweet, nice and professional.

Sophiemax1419: Andrea, how is this role different from your role on "One Life To Live?"
Andrea: In many ways Rebecca is like a grown up Tina. They are both women who came from the wrong side of the tracks; they both have acquired money; they both are mischievous, bitchy, and very sexual and not above using sex or encouraging others to use sex to get what they need.

Nadiadr: What is it like to play Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and how did you get this excellent role? I wish I could have a role on this popular soap!
Lindsay: I enjoy playing Theresa. I decided that every morning when she wakes up she takes Optimism pills. She is positive, always finds the bright side of anything, and that is great. She is fearless enough to see the bright side of any situation. I auditioned for the role, almost two years ago! And I was blessed and got cast. I auditioned three times and landed the role.

Lynn16: What part or parts of yourselves do you put into your characters?
Andrea: We share the same body!
Lindsay: I try to incorporate determination, achieving goals, and my closeness to my family. Love conquers all.

TheresaLopezFitzgera: Andrea, do you enjoy working with Ben Masters?
Andrea: I love working with Ben! And I think you will see us working together more. We both have the same sense of humor that comes through in our work, and I think we will be an excellent pair.

Pinkangelgirl: I am so happy you are here. I am a huge fan. What was your most embarrassing moment on the set of "Passions?"
Lindsay: When the show first started, and Theresa worked at the fish cannery I actually had to cut up a raw fish! I had to chop the heads off. It smelled so bad, and I am not a fan of fish. I had these big goggles, gloves and overalls on, and had this scene where I hit the button and actually did slip and fall on my butt and the fish heads went flying everywhere! I guess it wasn't that embarrassing but it was actually very uncomfortable and smelly!

MindyOsansky: How does it feel to be on the soap that doesn't only appeal to adults, but also to teenagers? What kind of role do you try to set for adolescents?
Andrea: My character is absolutely no role model for an adolescent! I think what's good about "Passions" is that they have a very strong storyline for young viewers, and a strong storyline for older viewers. I think "Passions" is very good in having both age groups included.

Verna: Miss Korman, do you enjoy your role or would you like her to be stronger?
Lindsay: I do enjoy my role on the show. I think, again, we have to remember her age. It would be safe to assume, that my character will develop a stronger sense of self as time progresses, as she faces more realistic conflicts in her day to day life.

Krystal15: Do you like watching yourself on TV?
Andrea: I hate watching myself on TV! I will avoid it at all costs; I will run out of the room if I have to!
Lindsay: I go in phases, sometimes I watch the show and sometimes I don't. When I do, I always watch to see how the show is put together, how everything intertwines, basically, for my own enjoyment. And when I see myself I say, "Ohhhh," and sometimes wish I could go back in time and change some of my choices. But basically I just enjoy watching the show.

Megan: How does it feel for you to be on such a culturally diverse show? Do you like the way all ethnic backgrounds are depicted?
Andrea: Yeah! I love the way all the ethnic groups are represented on "Passions." Many years ago in soaps they were all lily white, and that isn't the way America is, its good to see the ethnic groups interact, and even to see a tiny bit of conflict. I think its good we portray that. It is life, albeit bigger than life. But I feel it?s a big improvement over the way soaps have been in the past.
Lindsay: I think Andrea summed it up nicely.

CrANeLF: Do you ever have a bad day at work?
Lindsay: I think that we all have good and bad days, and when we do have those bad days we try to find the bright side of them and look to friends to comfort us.

EthanAndTheresaFo: How far in advance do you actually know what's going to happen on the show?
Lindsay: We film a month ahead of airtime. As actors, we get the scripts about a week and a half before we film them.

Princesserin: I was wondering how long do you guys work? Do you get any time off?
Andrea: The hours are pretty good. Yes we work a lot and work hard, but we get time off like any other. We need to do press work and we do have vacations, pretty much like everyone. We get time off.

KJAIME: On some soaps they, the actors, are allowed to adlib. Are you allowed to adlib a little on passions?
Lindsay: We try to stay as close to the script as we can to respect the scriptwriters and Jim?s vision of the show. We paraphrase once in awhile if there is a big monologue, but we pretty much stay to the script.

Butterflygurl: This question is for Lindsay. I think you're an amazing singer, but I wanted to know if it is difficult to play such an emotional character almost everyday on "Passions" and if it is any way emotionally stressful, because you are very convincing, and when you cry on the show I want to cry too!
Lindsay: Thank you for your support, and your sympathy and empathy for Theresa. Yeah, it can be emotionally tiring. I have come to the conclusion that my subconscious mind goes through the emotions, but my conscious mind knows that the emotions I've just gone through aren't factual. So it still is tiring even though the story isn't true...But, I enjoy doing it.

Snuggypoo: Lindsay and Andrea, what is your favorite movie of all time?
Andrea: Well, like so many women, I love "Gone With the Wind." I have it and whenever I feel bad, I turn on the scene where Scarlett is in the garden and she eats the turnip and says, ?As God as my witness, I?ll never go hungry again.?
Lindsay: "Doctor Zhivago" and "An Affair to Remember." Both of those are my favorites.

Shuis4eva1: Hello Lindsay and Andrea. Andrea, was it hard taking over for another actress (Maureen McCormick) who had already established the character?
Andrea: No, it really is no different than when you take on the role and you are the first. My job is to make a character my own, from the day I show up on the set. No, it's been very enjoyable.

Aeryn20: Lindsay you have such a beautiful voice. I am going to take this editing class for my major, film, and the project is to make a music video. I love your song "Kiss Me" is it available anywhere? If not could you recommend a song?
Lindsay: Currently "Kiss Me" is not available in stores. However, it's possible in the future that it will be released through our show. In regards to recommending a song, I would suggest you think about your favorite artist and which song by that artist inspires you the most to allow creativity to flow. And Good Luck! You will be awesome, trust yourself.

Jenroxy333: Andrea and Lindsay, is there ever one day out of the week that you guys splurge on your diet? If so, what's your favorite food?
Andrea: Every Friday night my husband and I meet for margaritas and nachos! By Thursday night I'm craving those Nachos!
Lindsay: All the time! And chocolate on everything! Ice cream, cookies, chocolate everywhere!

Dids21: Lindsay, do you find it intimidating working with such hot guys?
Lindsay: I enjoy it! Intimidating? No! Bring on the hot guys! All the guys on the show are amazing. They make it a very pleasant working environment; they are great! Really good people.

FaithfulCharity1: Andrea, I think that you are an excellent actress. I was wondering if you were given the opportunity to write a story line of your own, what would it be about?
Andrea: First, thank you so much for the sweet compliment. I really appreciate it. Jim Reilly does such a FANTASTIC job with his vision of the show I don't think I could do any better. Originally Rebecca was brought on as Gwen's mother, but she is very much becoming a strong character in her own right, a very three-dimensional woman who stands on her own.

Lindfan: What would you be doing right now if you weren't acting?
Andrea: I have been an actress since I was ten years old, so I've never done anything else, nor would I want to. I feel very blessed that people pay me to do this.
Lindsay: I would be auditioning, trying to get a job with acting. And I would be working on my other love, which is music; writing and performing.

Theresaann: Lindsay, you are so beautiful and talented, what inspired you to act? And have you ever considered modeling?
Lindsay: Thank you very much for the compliment. I think I'm inspired by the thought of being somebody else. Creating a character, being in someone else's life, living through someone else. It's such an interesting concept, and being able to mentally put Lindsay in another mind and body is very interesting. It's so much fun, and very enjoyable. I never thought much about modeling actually.

Sunflower: Do either of you have any special hobbies? Pets? Lindsay, I know you have a website, what about you, Andrea?
Andrea: Yes I have a website, it's at And yes, I have two pets; a Dalmatian named Mo, who is my main man, (don't tell my husband,) and my cat Ernie.
Lindsay: I have two babies at home; Princess, my Miniature Sheltie, and Nikki, my Pomeranian.

Kerrazy4u: How do you stay in such good shape?
Andrea: Actually, Mo, my dog, is my trainer and running mate. I run with my dog 2 to 3 miles a day, four to five times a week. I joke that he's the cheapest trainer in Hollywood, because all I have to give him is love, and kisses, and doggie biscuits.

NBCPassions: Unfortunately, we've come to the end of our chat. Thank you, Andrea, and thank you, Lindsay for joining us tonight. Any thoughts you'd like to leave us with?
Andrea: Thank you everybody for joining us on this chat and for asking these nice questions! Please continue watching Passions, and hopefully we can chat again soon.
Lindsay: Thanks so much for logging on! We really enjoyed talking with you. Have a great night! And please keep watching and thanks so much again for your support. Talk to you soon!

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