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Emmy Award-nominated actress Andrea Evans portrays Tawny, the mother of Amber Moore Forrester, on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Daytime veteran ANDREA EVANS (One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless) joins the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful this week as Tawny, Amber's mother. We took a moment to chat with Andrea about her return to daytime, and this exciting new role. How does it feel to be back on daytime?
ANDREA EVANS: It's great. I'm having a really wonderful time. It's nice to be back on daytime. The daytime audiences are the best and it's really fun. I really enjoy working for the Bell family, as I have before. It's a very nice group there. You were on The Young and the Restless at one time [She played Patty Williams Abbott]. What did it feel like to return to the CBS Studios in Los Angeles?
ANDREA EVANS: It's great. It feels like putting on an old glove in some ways. A lot of the same crew people are around, so there are a lot of familiar faces. The only problem is the commissary hasn't gotten any better! What attracted you to the role of Tawny?
ANDREA EVANS: She's just a really fun character. I guess the way to describe it most for Bold and Beautiful fans is: she's Amber's mom, and I don't think the apple fell too far from the tree, so to speak. [Laughs] I think they make a fun pair. How do you like working with Adrienne Frantz?
ANDREA EVANS: I'm enjoying it. She does a real nice job, she's very professional, and I think we have a nice chemistry as mother and daughter, so I think it works really well. Does Tawny have an agenda?
ANDREA EVANS: Of course, doesn't everybody? [Laughs] Amber will probably ask Tawny for advice. What advice would you, Andrea, give Amber?
ANDREA EVANS: I would tell her to tell the truth [about her pregnancy], but that doesn't make for a very good story. Where would you like to see Tawny's story go?
ANDREA EVANS: I'd just like to see her develop, because she's a really interesting character. I'd like also to see her develop other relationships outside of the relationship with her daughter on the show and see how she fits into a big picture there. I think there's a lot of possibilities for her. If you could pick a love interest for Tawny from the cast, who would it be?
ANDREA EVANS: I think the obvious choice is Eric Forrester, because he likes to marry women in her age group and likes to marry a lot! [Laughs] And Tawny's kind of economically challenged, so that would probably be a good move for her. Tell me a little bit about Tawny's personality.
ANDREA EVANS: Well, she's fun. Like I said she is economically challenged, but she seems to love life. She struggled. She was a teenage mother herself, and so she had a hard time being a mother and raising a child, and sometimes hasn't been the greatest mother but she loves her daughter. She wants to try to do what's best for her. She's a very smart woman. I think she knows a good opportunity when she sees it. She's a lot of fun. Would you say that Tawny and Amber were close at one time?
ANDREA EVANS: No. I don't think they ever have been close. Is the father in the picture at all?
ANDREA EVANS: No father in the picture, no. What was Tawny up to before Amber showed up on her doorstep?
ANDREA EVANS: Probably dating a lot. I would say Tawny likes men quite a bit and I'm sure she was dating like a wild woman.

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