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Interview starts with a clip from the original air date of Andrea going out in style January 4, 1990 on a surf board.

Regis - Now she's back for a visit in N.Y.

Kathy Lee - To tell you how long that's been, that was 2 months before Cody was born.

Regis- Is that right?

Kathy Lee - Yeah

Regis - Wow that's a long time ago, anyway now staring in a popular daytime drama The Bold and The Beautiful, here's Andrea Evans

(Andrea rides in with two surfers carrying her.)

Andrea - Thank you guys.

Regis - Later guys, hi how are you?

Andrea - Fine thank you.

Kathy Lee - How are you Andrea?

Andrea - Fine thank you.

Regis - Andrea Evans has returned, my gosh, 9 years ago we sent you off on a surf board.

Andrea - Yeah and I have to thank you for those two guys, I never had to gt a car, they've taken me everywhere.

Regis, Never left your side?

Kathy Lee - Comes in handy in L.A. everybody drives.

Andrea - No, no problem parking, it's great.

Regis - So you did the right thing by leaving?

Andrea - Yeah I think so, I'm real happy, I'm on a new show, The Bold and The Beautiful.

Regis - Not only that, you met the man of your dreams.

Andrea - Yes, well, you were taken. (Laughing)

Regis - Oh gosh.

Kathy Lee - I always sensed a whole lot of sexual chemistry and tension, I really did.

Andrea - It's hot, it's it, got Regis here.

Kathy Lee - It's still possible.

Regis - Here's the thing, her best friend had an attorney, right?

Andrea - No actually it's my best friends boss.

Kathy Lee - And he's an attorney.

Andrea - Right, so I went to have lunch with my friend and met my husband.

Regis - Oh my gosh, just like that?

Andrea - Yeah, my friend was upset, he's like you're gonna marry my boss?

Kathy Lee - That could work in his favor.

Andrea - Good job security.

Kathy Lee - Yeah.

Regis - How is married life?

Andrea - Married life is good.

Kathy Lee - How many months have you been married?

Andrea - 18

Regis - 18 and now here comes this new assignment on The Bold and The Beautiful.

Andrea - Yes and having a great time. I have to tell you, the husband doesn't fit on the surf board, the two of us being carried around by the guys. (Laughing)

Regis - You're gonna have to make that trip alone.

Andrea - Yeah.

Kathy Lee - Is he still L.A. based and you're in N.Y.?

Andrea - No, no I'm L.A. based.

Kathy Lee - Oh, B&B is in L.A. I see.

Andrea - Yeah I'm just here for a visit.

Regis - And you're playing anybody like the old Tina gal?

Andrea - Well, she's not nice, kinda like the old Tina gal.

Kathy Lee - That's more fun to play then the good girl?

Andrea - Yeah, much more fun to play, and she's economically challenged.

Regis - Meaning she's poor.

Andrea - Yeah to be politically correct.

Kathy Lee - So she's one of those that might do certain things just to get a man with money?

Andrea - Well, you're right of course, if you're economically challenged on one of these shows that's the object to get the money honey.

Regis - Forget the neutering

Andrea - Forget that.

Regis - Confidence.

Andrea - Oh no.

Regis - Since of humor.

Andrea - Oh no, go for the bucks.

Regis - So how does it feel to be back working again?

Andrea - It's wonderful, I'm having such a good time. It's such a nice group of people and hi to all my friends on OLTL. Including Howey the camera man, he's here with me.

Regis - Oh yeah, Howey was always with you.

Andrea - Howey's here, he's here somewhere.

Kathy Lee - Does the husband mind Howey?

Regis - Trouble explaining that...

Andrea - (laughing)

Kathy Lee - Most of us come into a relationship with some baggage, but we've got a couple surfers and Howey, I don't know.

Andrea - Howey, surfers...

Regis - Surfers and a camera man, that takes a lot of explaining.

Andrea - Then there's my crush on Reg. There's a lot to explain.

Kathy Lee - He must be a big guy to be able to handle all that.

Andrea - Yeah

Regis - So what else is going on? You just got back from a cruise.

Andrea - I just got back from a cruise with my mother and we had a fabulous time and unfortunately for the surfers I ate a little to much. But...

Regis - You picked up a few pounds

Kathy Lee - Boy you can do it. That's why they have those beautiful spas on board now and work out areas.

Andrea - Actually my favorite thing was running on board. I loved that.

Regis - They always have a track around the top of the ship.

Andrea - Oh it's so cool to be running out in the middle of the ocean. It's very neat.

Regis - Did that bother you, and to hear about the old days on the soaps and things?

Andrea - Most of the time people are very nice. In fact the people they sat with us were so nice, they were so sweet, not until the end of the cruise did they come and say we were such big fans but we realized you were on vacation. So we respected your privacy.

Regis - That's terrific.

Andrea - Yeah it was really nice.

Regis - So things are going good for you?

Andrea - Things are going absolutely fabulously.

Regis - The Bold & The Beautiful, the husband, the cruise with the mother.

Kathy Lee - And the surfers and Howey, everything swell.

Andrea - Plus I have my own jewlery line, which I'm starting to create and stuff.

Regis - It's on all the shopping channels?

Andrea - Yeah

Regis - Good for you.

Andrea - Yeah, so that's going very well, it's called Platinum By Andrea.

Regis - Platinum By Andrea, well excuse us...

Andrea - Nothing but the best, Platinum.

Kathy Lee - Not available at Wal-Mart.

Regis - Welcome back and good luck on CBS.

Kathy Lee - Good to see you again Andrea.

Regis - On 1:30 in the afternoon on CBS, The Bold & The Beautiful, the lovely Andrea Evans...

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