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Lord of the Manor: Passions' Ben Masters On Love, Loathing and Lust, Harmony Style

This is added cause Ben talks about Andrea in his chat

Yup, Julian will fight to the death to keep Theresa and Ethan apart, though Masters wryly notes that ?nothing I do ever works! Because in the end, as they always say, ?Loooove wins out.??

Digest Online: Last week Luis stormed into the Crane mansion with a gun to bring Theresa home. How do you think Julian would do in battle if he had to go up against Luis?
Masters: [Laughs] Well, I've always wondered why Julian's so stupid not to hire some bodyguards to kick Luis's ass! But I guess if I had bodyguards the audience wouldn't get to see Julian getting what he deserves so much of the time. But obviously Julian would be a very dirty fighter and when Luis wasn't looking he'd probably, like, stab him with a letter opener or something.

Digest Online: What if there were actually a Crane/Lopez-Fitzgerald marriage down the line? How would Julian deal with Alistair?
Masters: That will never happen, my dear. Trust me. I don't know. Alistair really is the devil incarnate, so I think he would literally have Luis murdered, or Theresa murdered. I think that he has that capability, and [he would do that] before a wedding ever took place. But if it did take place, I think it would be very interesting because it's kind of like The Beverly Hillbillies. You get Jed Clampett in there if you let Luis Lopez-Fitzerald into the mansion, and then what are you gonna have? [Laughs] Alistair would go totally insane and he would try to get me to stop it at all costs. I think the Luis impostor should come back again, 'cause I still have the mask in the desk. It used to be in a wall safe but that safe isn't there anymore. Hmm, oh well.

Digest Online: How is Julian going to deal with the fact that Ethan is -- or seems to be -- a Bennett?
Masters: I get to keep acting out these scenes in fantasies with Rebecca and Ivy, where that truth does come out and I'm always very upset and calling Ivy a lying slut and throwing her out of the house and everything. I think that Julian would be very upset and destroyed about the fact that Ethan wasn't his son, because it's the only thing that he has -- besides drinking and chasing young women.

Digest Online: But what will it mean for the future of Crane Industries if there's no Ethan around to run things?
Masters: Hmm. Well now, maybe Julian would be back in Alistair's good graces then. Maybe he should get rid of the boy! [A sinister laugh] Get rid of Ethan, get rid of his lying slut mother, and move Rebecca into the mansion!

What in the world is going on between Rebecca and Julian? Sure, there?s sexual tension, but this is Julian Crane -- sex is always on the brain, and it doesn?t take much for the patriarch to, um, breathe in, breathe out.

Digest Online: How do you feel about the idea of a pairing between Rebecca and Julian?
Masters: You know, Julian is always up for any sort of little tryst with a female. I think it's exciting, and I think deep down Julian still has a lot of feelings for Ivy and he can use that to make her upset. He thinks that she must really care for him somewhere.

Digest Online: What has the fan response been to the possibility of having Rebecca and Julian together?
Masters: You know, on some of the message boards and chat boards that I sometimes frequent, a lot of people get upset because they say they like Julian and Ivy together. They have a little acronym of Juvy, for Julian and Ivy. "What about Juuuuvy?" Then some say, "Oh no, Rebecca and Julian are both evil and funny, and that's good." It seems to be about a 50/50 split.

Digest Online: Well, if anyone can juggle his women, Julian can!
Masters: Oh, I think so! He's always talking about [how] he wants to divorce [Ivy] and kick her out of the house because she's made his life a living hell, but I think that after you live together for 25 years or however many years they've been married and live together, you kind of get used to each other's little quirks, and you know how to make the other person feel pretty badly if you want to. And it makes Julian happy when he can do that, but I think they should stay together. I don't really know what's gonna happen on the show. I assume that I will learn, probably sometime in the future, maybe, perhaps [Laughs] that Ethan is not Julian's son. I don't know how Mr. Reilly [James Reilly; Passions? head writer] plans on playing that one out, but I'm always fairly interested in what James Reilly has up his sleeve. I'm never bored by it and it's always a surprise.

Digest Online: What is your working relationship like with Andrea Evans (Rebecca) so far?
Masters: Oh, it's fabulous! I mean, Andrea's been doing it (daytime) a long time. We have a good time together and we have scenes where we have to kiss and all that, you know? The older people kissing! [Gasp] She's a real trooper. She's got a really nice sense of humor, and she lets me do the sort of strange things like Julian does, and she comes right back at me with her angle on things.

Digest Online: So she's equally as willing to go completely over-the-top.
Masters: Excuse me?! What does that mean? [Laughs] Yeah, she is. She's all fun and games; she's up for anything.

Digest Online: The question is, do you think that Julian would wine and dine Rebecca? Is he a romantic guy at heart?
Masters: Of course it goes back to Eve, who put the X in X-rated [Lascivious laugh]. Julian, I've said before, is kind of an amoral five-year-old, and I think things just don't compute for him like they compute for other people where romance comes into play. He's a very horny fellow. I learn things in the scripts [about the way that] certain things happened in the past that I never knew, that really make Julian sound disgusting. I keep getting deeper and deeper into a bucket of disgust, [so] I try to make it so he's almost an innocent in it. It wasn't his fault, you know what I'm saying? There's this book that's coming out called Hidden Passions: The Diary of Tabitha Lenox. I've talked to a couple of people and they said, ?You can't believe the stuff that Julian was doing when he was younger, like when he was in college.? [Laughs]

Thanks to Daniel for sending me the info for this article.

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