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Passions Theme Song ~ Breathe

Promo Wavs

February 26, 2001

2007 Wavs

Coming Soon!

2006 Wavs

Tell me where Theresa is & ...


A what on crack?


2005 Wavs

Pecks of steel!

Humm.... Sounds dreamy

Handsome ski instructor

Rebecca at Ethans bedside

Rebecca gets sworn in at Eve's trial

2004 Wavs

Run for your life! (Rebecca being chased by crazy Norma)

"SCREAMING" Norma traps'em!

Feliz Navidad

Rebecca to Julian.

Oh Tex

Catch me if you can!

Flea Bitten Varmint

Rebecca catches Theresa as she tries to sneak out.

BANG! Ooops!

2003 Wavs

Rebecca Sorry, don't buy it.

Rebecca Fly commercial?

Rebecca You choose to ignore me.

Rebecca Spouting non-sense.

Rebecca Pookie, watch out!

Rebecca Sexaholic.

Rebecca & Julian Dirty little secrets.

Rebecca & Gwen In a New York minute.

Rebecca & Gwen Ruled by a certain body part.

Rebecca Hot tamale.

Rebecca to Gwen Get your head out of the sand.

Rebecca to Gwen Bun in the oven.

Rebecca to Gwen Dalia Lama

Rebecca Little tramp.

Rebecca to Theresa I'm not though with you yet.

2002 Wavs

Rebecca Little taco queen.

2001 Wavs

Julian & Rebecca Blame it on rap music.

Rebecca Dab of perfume.

Rebecca & Gwen The plan.

Rebecca & Gwen Sending the e-mail, out in cyberspace.

Rebecca Ivy's metallic undies.

Sam & Rebecca You shot a rat?

Rebecca & Gwen Ivy get's what's coming to her.

Gwen & Rebecca Ethans wedding day, down goes the bride.

Rebecca It's a wonder.

Rebecca & Ivy Poor Ivy.

Rebecca Snug as a bug.

Rebecca You are such a b*t*h for sicking Sam on me.

Rebecca Eat worms.

Ivy, Julian & Rebecca Manipulative whore.

Rebecca, Julian & Alister Little Julian.

Julian & Rebecca

Pilar & Rebecca Pee-Lar

Rebecca & Theresa Fleas to scratch.

Julian, Hitman & Rebecca Arrange for a beautiful woman.

Julian & Rebecca Enfurno caused by Graces TSC.

Julian, Alister & Rebecca Rebecca's ample bossom.

Rebecca Theresa is finished.

Rebecca Sheridan's going to have a bad day.

Rebecca 3 Day Taco.

Rebecca & Pilar Pilar pushes Rebecca into the fountain.

Rebecca Gwen, he's cheating on me.

Rebecca & Julian Here comes the bride.

Ivy & Rebecca To remind Julian we have wedding plans.

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