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2nd Annual Passions Fan Event at Universal Studios ~ July 13, 2001

We arrived at the Fan Event shortly after 9:00 a.m. Andrea and Paul picked me up at the hotel & I rode to the event with them. When entering the parkade, I could see Dana, Kim, and a few others going into an elevator. Andrea, Paul & I rode up the elevator. I noticed a huge line of people waiting in line to get into the event. Fortunately, I got to enter with Andrea and Paul & didn't have to wait in any lines.

Once inside the Universal gates, there were the fan gifts in a big box. They box contained a silver box, like a lunch box. Inside it was a smaller box, which had a small Passions photo album in it. It's black with a silver plated cover which says Passions. Also a purple pen with Passions printed on it. Also, here are some info sheets I got from Paul.

Andrea escorted me to the main enterance to the building where the event was being held, Andrea went on to where the cast gathered, while I went on inside. They had tables set up where you could purchase photos, posters, T-Shirts, and much more. They also had a table set up full of silent auction items up for bid.

I purchased a set of cast photos. Each packet contained 8x10 (black and white) photos of each cast member. The photos were $15.00 per set.

Next I headed into the main room where the event would take place. It was very nicely set up and decorated in different shades purple and white.

Here is the table which held the buffet breakfast. The breakfast consisted of fruit, buns, eggs, and french toast with syrup.

They also had a table set up with different types of beverages. I can't honestly say I have any idea what they had here. Things happened so fast, I never did get a chance to get a drink. But I know they had O.J. and coffee.

This is a photo of my table, it was table # 4 and I think I had one of the best seats in the house. I was right in front of the stage and with so many people there, I was thrilled to have such a great seat.

After breakfast was served, aprox. 9:30, they announced that the cast would now join us for a Q&A session. They entered the room through a door in the corner, and all walked up on stage.

The first couple to come in were Jade & Bruce, then Rodney, Travis, Ryan, McKenzie, Dana, Justin, Chrystee, Deanna, Natalie, Eva, Ben, Kim, Tracey, Jesse, Molly, Donn, Juliet, James, Andrea, Lindsay & Brook.

Once the cast were out on stage, they went one by one and introduced themselves, stating their name, then their character names.

Josh wasn't at the event because he was in New York, where on Monday the 16th he appeared on The View.

After the introductions they had a Q&A session where fans could ask any of the cast members any question they wanted.

They all seemed as happy to be at the event as the fans did, you could always see the cast smiling and laughing. I think they enjoyed it as much as the fans did.

One fan asked if McKenzie could sing for us. Which she did happily. McKenzie really does have a beautiful voice.

After the Q&A session, they showed a few video clips. They had a clip from when Jerry Springer did his guest appearance on the show. It appeared during one of Eves nightmares where they appeared on the Larry Winger Show. The fans loved it.

They also showed a bloopers reel, where they had a few different clips. Unfortunately, Andrea didn't have any clips in this segment.

Then they showed a few previews of what was going to happen next in Harmony.

When they brought out the cake, they had Lindsay and McKenzie come up to lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday to Passions. They started and soon had everyone singing along with them.

Lisa Hesser joined the cast up on stage. The cast gathered around Lisa while she made a short speech then they cut the first slice of cake.

After they cut they cake, they had the cast step off the stage and head for the tables which were set up for the autograph session. I asked Galen if he would take a photo of the cake for me, which he did.

They had the cast split, half on one end of the room, and the other on the other end. Here are photos from Danas table.

I felt so lucky to be at the event. I just hung back and watched everyone and took photos. A lot of the lines were very long and by the time they were short enough to wait in, it was almost 12 noon and they were getting ready to end the autograph session. Perhaps next time I will make it around to see and meet everyone.

To see more photos from the event, check Dana's Site. Passions NBC site also had some great photos, but the link I had for it isn't working since they redid the site.

At 12:00 p.m. i said my good-byes and left with Paul and Andrea. We headed back to the hotel where we met up with Jane (Andrea's manager) and had a nice lunch together. We discussed the web site and what new things we would like to add and change about it.

Here are some photos from the event and lunch afterwards.

Photos during the event.

Photos after the event during lunch.

I thought this was a cute pic, Andrea had this little daisy on her toe nail & also a little toe ring.

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