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My day at CBS with Andrea Evans ... by Rosemarie ....

July 13, 1999

11:20am - Dropped off at CBS studio by a friend.

11:25am - Got my photo pass from the security station. While I was waiting Adrienne (Amber) was dropped and passed right by me going through the security gate.

11:30am - Andrea's manager Jane showed up and welcomed me to CBS.

11:35am - Joe arrived (he was very considerate and went way out of his way to help me and make me feel at home.)

11:40am - We all went through the security doors into CBS studios, Jane, Joe and I got into the elevator, Joe and I got out on the 3rd floor. Jane left me with Joe to do the "tour thing" while she went to check on some other things. Joe took me toward the B&B studio, pointing out the "Price is Right" studio, the "Young and Restless" studio and then took me through the doors to the "Bold and Beautiful" studio.

11:45am - Joe walked me through the B&B studio explaining how they took down and reassembled the set each day using polaroid photos to ensure that they had it match the previous days setup. Joe also explained what each set was for and for which (families) characters the specific sets were used for. During this time I was in awe of where I was and who I was about to meet, but I at least remembered to take lots of pictures, Joe helped to point me to areas where I should stand to get the best photos of the different sets. Joe then showed me the control room, it was rather dark with lots of buttons and monitors. Following that we went behind the sets and Joe showed me how they create the illusion of night and day and how they make it look like cars driving by.

11:50am - We made our way around to the front of the sets again and I was amazed at how many people had showed up in the short time we had been behind the scenes. They were doing a lot of final touches on the "guest house" set where Andrea and Adrienne were scheduled to do taping.

12:00pm - Joe said "there's Andrea now" which made my heart jump a bit. At that point Andrea looked over and headed towards us, giving me a very heartfelt welcome. She was very cheerful and friendly and shook my hand, doing her best to make me feel welcome. It was about at this point that I lost track of time and was just overwhelmed by it all. Andrea had to run quickly though because they were starting dress rehearsals. Adrienne was already on the set getting ready. During the rehearsal they used a doll for baby Eric, (since they are only allowed so many hours a week to have the babies on the set.) but when they were finally ready they brought out the real baby. Now they were ready to do a full run through and I heard the words "Quiet on the set!".
At this point they did and complete run though of the scenes that were going to be filmed, the actors/actresses polished up their lines, made sure that they were in the correct locations and that their facial expressions were perfect. I suspect that while the actors and actresses were busy checking on things that the lighting, sound and camera people were also double checking everything. I believe it was around this time that Paul (Andreas Publicist) showed up and Jane returned, Joe introduced me to Paul and shortly after Andrea came over to say hello to him. She was also asked if we had met yet, Andrea did her best to include me in most everything. When all was right, the actual taping started, so I did my best to make sure I wasn't in the way and was quiet. Joe instructed me at this time that I wouldn't be allowed to take any photos cause the sound and the flash would cause them to have to do a re-take. I watched Andrea do her lines but did notice that during the breaks that Adrienne would go over to the baby and do a bit of "Coo-Chi-Cooing" then get back to her position when they were ready to continue. At some point during the taping I noticed Jacob (Rick) walk by, as he was the next to do his scenes, he stood around a few minutes and watched some taping to pass the time while waiting for his scene to come up. I would have gone up to him and talked but since they were taping I didn't want to make to much noise. After the full taping they did a partial scene over.
After the taping was all finished Andrea wanted to introduce me to Adrienne (Amber) but Jane suggested that Andrea change first since they were on kind of a tight schedule. So Paul accompanied Andrea, leaving Jane, Joe and I. During Andrea's absence I had the good fortune of being introduced to Jacob, during which Adrienne joined us for a photo. The photographer got a few quick shots of the 3 of us on the Foresters guest house set. I thought that was pretty neat of them to take the time out to do that for me. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to talk much because Adrienne had to change, she had more taping to do, and Jacob''s scene was coming up on another set. It was about that time that Andrea returned, we went onto the now empty but still lit set where Andrea presented me with complementary CBS B&B merchandise, during which we were photographed by a photographer. We had to be quiet because taping was still proceeding on another set. Lunch was approaching, Paul disappeared for a few minutes and said he'd catch up with us shortly. Joe, Jane, Andrea and I headed out of the B&B studio into the big hall. Joe said his good-byes while Andrea, Jane, Paul and I proceeded to the commissary.

The Commissary was warm and there were alot of people around. We noticed a line up, Andrea was kind enough to take our things and put them at the table, and then rejoined us in the lineup. Andrea said she had heard good things about the taco salad so we all decided to try it. Andrea treated us all to lunch which I though was very flattering and quite considerate. During lunch Jane, Andrea and Paul talked I mostly listened still not believing I was really there. Jane cleared the plates from the table and then we exchanged our personal gifts. Andrea gave me a necklace from her yet unreleased jewelry line "Platinum by Andrea" and a poster of a play she was involved with (as well as several signed pictures). And I gave her a Canada Mug, three Canada pins and some Canadian Indian art which a good friend supplied me with. It was around this time that a reporter from Soap Opera Digest came by to interview us, asking several questions about my Tribute to Andrea web page. While the reporter was there Andrea also made my page her OFFICIAL page so watch here for the latest Andrea news. Some time later in the interview Jane mentioned Andrea's jewelry line and her upcoming Regis and Kathy Lee appearance on July 29, 1999. Shortly thereafter the reporter from Soap Opera Digest left, with Paul leaving soon after that, leaving the three of us. We left the commissary at about 1:55pm and walked back to the Bold and Beautiful Studio's. Andrea paused to say hello to a "Make a wish" family that was getting a tour of the CBS studio's. Andrea excused herself for a bit leaving Jane & I to talk for awhile, but she soon returned. We waited for my friend to return with my daughters and when he did at 2:15pm I introduced everyone. Pictures were not possible on CBS property due to security concerns. So Andrea suggested we depart the CBS lot and take pictures on the sidewalk outside on Fairfax Ave. My friend took some pictures of Andrea, my girls and I and a few with just Andrea with the girls, but time was short so we returned to CBS parking lot and said our good-byes.

What a day!!!

This is a photo of Joe, Andrea & Myself on one of the sets of B&B.

Andrea was very thoughtful and took some extra time to pose for a few photos with me.

I was very flattered when Andrea gave me a T-shirt and also a B&B tote bag.

While on the set, I had the chance to meet Adrienne Frantz (Amber) & Jacob Young (Rick). They are both very nice and it was an honor to chat with them.

Before leaving Andrea was kind enough to come outside and meet my daughters. She took some extra time to talk to them and pose for a few more photos.

You made my day Andrea, I just wanted you to know what an honor it was to spend the afternoon with you and how much we truly appreciated it!

This is the CBS studio.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is a shot from the middle of the isle between sets. There are sets on both sides of the isle.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image I was really amazed at how many lights they used to give them the correct lighting.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is a shot from a different angle of one of the sets.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is part of the control room.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is a shot from behind the set (#3 & 4 photos) looking back through the window. Also I saw how they give the illusion of night and day and cars or people walking by.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is one of the back drops they use for a night effect.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is a shot of the guest house where Rick & Amber live.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is Andrea on the set getting ready for the cameras to roll. Also the camera men double checking to make sure the lighting is right.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image Andrea running through her lines with Adrienne, they use a doll during rehearsal, then bring out the real baby just before taping.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image Adrienne and Andrea doing a quick rehearsal.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image Andrea and Adrienne laughing.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image Andrea getting a quick touch up on her make-up.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image More touching up.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image Adrienne saying hello to "Baby Eric" just before taping.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is one of the monitors used to help the camera men while taping.

July 13, 1999 Click to View Larger Image This is the CBS commissary where Jane, Paul, Andrea and I had lunch and did an interview with S.O.D.

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