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Here is a letter I recieved from Mercedez48, a fan who met Andrea recently at the William Shatner 11th Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

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Here is my Fan Encounter with Andrea Evans. By Mercedez48.
(All Photos property of Mercedez48 and not to be taken without HER permission!)

The first time I met Andrea was at the horse Show in Los Angeles, California at the Equestrian Center on April 28, 2001. Andrea is short, but very pretty in person. I loved her purple shirt. (Give me the shirt, Andrea!) ;-)

Above are two photos I got of Andrea that day. I hope to get more soon.

Here is a photo of her being interviewed. But don't ask my by who. I think I saw a van for Eyewitness news.

They had a booth where fans could get their photo taken with the cast for the price of $5.00, and remember this was all for charity. (And not Charity Standish)

Here is a photo of Kim, Eva & Andrea.

Here is my photo with some of the cast. Hey Andrea, does your dog Motown have soul?

Later I saw her, but she was leaving and I couldn't get my camera out fast enough. I didn't see her at the Dinner/dance, so I think she must have left.

Most of the cast had prior engagements, so they had to leave the Horse Show and didn't go to the dinner later that night.

I wish I had more on Andrea, but like I said, I will see her again.

If anyone else is interested in writting me about meeting Andrea, I would love to hear from you!

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