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I found out that Andrea was involved with the Walk for Hope through her website and I had wanted to do a walk for a while anyway, so I decided to sign up for the Walk for Hope that would be taking place on October 6th, 2002. I arrived at the site of the event early, so none of the announcements had started yet. I found my number and recieved my shirt and then went around the stage to wait for the walk to begin. A few people went on stage and said their things, then the person running the event introduced the celebrity ambassador, who was of course Andrea. Andrea introduced all the "famous" people, including Chrystee Pharris and Eva Lemus from Passions. Then she walked off stage and I went over to where she was talking with a few people. Now, I was terrified of Andrea at the time.(Rose, you heard about my fear of her, lol) so I didn't want to get her attention, but my mom made me. So, I tapped Andrea and she turned around and began talking with me while posing for a few photos. We got to talking about the walk, and I had mentioned that I would be walking alone, and Andrea told me to walk with her. Then Andrea had to do some publicity stuff, so she told me just to follow her. When we reached the point where all the cameras and interviewers were Andrea's publicist took me aside, and during that time I met Andrea's husband and parents. Then Andrea returned with her friend, and she introduced me to him. Then the walk started and we all walked together. Andrea, her friend, her publicist, his daughter, another friend of Andreas, and I all walked together. The walk took us about an hour and when we were finished Andrea and I recieved our medals then took a few more pictures together. Then Andrea said after she talked to some interviewers she was going to head home, so we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. It was a wonderful day and definately a day I will always remember!!

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