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Jasmine meets Andrea for the second time at the Walk for Hope.

September 22, 2003, I believe.

I arrived at the walk for hope for the second year in a row. It was nice to be back. I took a friend with me and her mother talked me into asking a VIP coordinator where Andrea was. Well, my friends mother, Theresa, told the VIP who I was and they radioed Andrea. Andrea replied and had me escorted to her. I met up with Andrea and it was just like we never stopped talking from last year. We caught up and how we both had been and what was going on, then it was time for Andrea to do some stuff on stage. She pulled me up on stage with her and I participated in the morning events with her. Afterwords, I went off with her husband and parents and a friend and her publicist while she did some press stuff. I talked with her husband a lot, then Andrea, Joe, her publicist, and I all started the walk. It was a lovely walk filled with conversation and more catching up. We talked about everything from adoption to careers to silly pictures of she and her co star, Ben Masters (Julian). It was another lovely day with Andrea!

Photo # 1 ~ I believe this is a family member, Steve's cousin I believe.
Photo # 2 ~ Andrea posing with her mother.
Photo # 3 ~ Liz, Andrea & Jasmine.
Photo # 4 ~ Andrea with Joe.
Photo # 5 ~ Liz, Andrea, Steve & Jasmine.

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